Tanya Smith

Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Cultivate the soil before planting the seed

Preconception Planning

Preconception planning is a process of shaping the container of love, convictions and community that your new baby will be born into. It is a conscious process of creating the physical and emotional conditions that nurture new life.

Preconception planning...

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Fertility Treatments

Whether you are working with a fertility clinic, or planning to take a more DIY approach, incorporating acupuncture into your plan will help you get pregnant and start your family.

Maybe you have been trying for a long time and...

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Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy brings about incredible and profound change in a woman’s body. As caring mothers, we are careful and diligent about nourishing this new life. Acupuncture can be an important part of your prenatal care and treatment throughout pregnancy is...

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