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Natasha Marchand Podcast

Natasha Marchand

Natasha Marchand

Natasha Marchand is the Fertility Director of Bebo Mia in Toronto. She has created innovative and integrative programs to support women struggling with infertility. But she didn’t set out to do this work, it found her.

As a Prenatal fitness instructor and Hypnobirthing facilitator,  Natasha helps women and couples prepare for the birth of their baby and becoming parents. She is also with them on the big day as a birth Doula. Her life is steeped in pregnancy, babies and birth.

When Natasha and her husband decided it was time to start a family of their own, it was a shock
to find that they were having trouble. Suddenly, because of her work, Natasha was swimming in a sea of baby bumps, (which incidentally is the name of her blog), and found it difficult to know where to turn for support.

Her life and work have been altered by her experiences and it has shaped a new career path supporting others who are having fertility challenges and helping them to find the support they need for their situation.


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  2. Voula says:

    Natasha is a beautiful person, that you love instantly…it is so wonderful that she has been able to overcome her obstacles and now reflect back and help others!!!

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