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Postpartum Mother Roasting

file611302923604“Mother Roasting” is a funny name for the practice of keeping a woman warm immediately after and for the first few weeks following labour and birth.

In many cultures around the world, a fire is built either under or beside the bed to warm mother and baby after birth. The heat creates a warm, comfortable room which allows the mother and baby to bond closely, skin-to-skin.

Tribal people gave a number of reasons for the use of fire and heat. They said it dried up lochial discharge, helped to shrink the uterus, prevented and or treated hemorrhage, stimulated milk production and comforted the mother after her hard work of birthing. Cross-culturally, it is believed to seal up emotional, physical, and spiritual gateways that have been opened by birth. It is a way of protecting a woman’s body, her newborn, and, as a result, nourish her back into being.

Instead of a fire under the bed, I encourage my clients to turn the heat up and snuggle in bed with their new little one. I also do a Mother Roasting moxa treatment starting 4-5 days postpartum.

Moxa is a special herb. It has deep, penetrating, warming quality used to generate strength in the healing process. During postpartum follow-up care, the mother is given warming treatment of moxa on her lower back and on her lower abdomen. The heat is nourishing and soothing.

The moxa treatment strengthens the mother physically. I have noticed mothers move with more strength and confidence, their colour is better and they may feel warmer. The mother almost always has a perception of the process of involution, painless contractions producing a shrinking of the uterus. Burning of moxa aids in building the immunity in the postpartum mother.

This nurturing treatment warms and moistens, allowing the mother’s strength to overflow with an abundant milk supply for her baby. Feelings of increased strength and a calmer spirit are often expressed and moxa treatments are powerful preventive medicine for certain types of post-partum depression.

To inquire about Mother Roasting treatments or to give the gift of Mother Roasting for a baby shower, please contact me.

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