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Is your uterus getting enough blood flow?

One of the things fertility acupuncturists often brag about is how effective acupuncture is for improving uterine blood flow. We even have some great research to support our claims.

I often explain that blood flow is important because every organ works better with better blood flow. But I wanted to take some time to dig a little deeper today.

When blood arrives at the uterus, it is carrying with it everything that the uterine cells will need to do their job to make an ideal environment for a baby to grow. If there is not enough blood flow, or if the blood doesn’t have the nutrition in it that the cells need, the cells function will be diminished.


So how do you know if you are getting enough blood flow?

In a word, with our modern way of living, you are likely not.


A quote from an article I read recently stood out to me as a big clue. If you experience menstrual cramps (as 90% of menstruating women do), doppler studies suggest that reduced uterine blood flow is at the root of the problem for you.

But when they continued the studies after menstruation, they found that there is reduced blood flow to the uterus all the time. The painful period just highlights the problem! So if you have period pain, you likely aren’t getting enough blood flow.


If you sit all day at a job, you likely don’t have enough blood flow. The artery that supplies the uterus crosses over the front of the hip. Which gets very squished when you sit.


If you are physically or emotionally stressed, stress hormones constrict or narrow the arteries to the digestive system as well as the uterus (so there is more blood flow to your muscles and reptile brain to respond to the perceived danger). Which means not enough blood flow to the uterus.


So what can you do?

You can get some great ideas from my presentation, all about preparing the womb for conception.


4 more ways to improve blood flow to your uterus:

  • Drink beet juice. (Here’s my favorite recipe.) Beets improve nitric oxide concentration in the blood which expands blood vessels and increases blood flow.
  • Stay hydrated – seems simple but a great deal of the lining is simply swelling with water and ions.
  • Correct your alignment. Do the 5 simple exercises in the “Down there for Women” app.
  • Have great sex! It’s a surefire way to both reduce stress and brings lots of blood flow to the pelvis.


Please contact me if you have any questions about your personal situation and are wondering if Chinese Medicine can help.



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