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Kim Sedgwick on Sex while TTC


Kim Sedgwick of Red Tent Sisters joins me to talk about how to keep things sexy while you are trying to conceive.

Many of my clients find this one of the biggest challenges when they are trying to conceive, saying “all of the fun has gone out of it, it feels like a chore” or “it just feels so weird to have sex on a schedule”. Kim offers some practical tips and great ideas to keep that connection with your partner and enjoy sex so much you want to do it again and again!

In this call, we cover:

  • how to avoid “goal oriented” sex
  • what to do to feel “turned on” all day
  • how arousal helps with conception
  • is lube essential for pregnancy? is it killing your sperm?
  • when should you add toys in sex
  • how to feel like “the first time” again

Among the great offerings from Red Tent Sisters, Kim offers home study courses in sexuality or does one-on-one coaching with couples. Get in touch with her to find out more!



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