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You have probably heard me talk about Meghan Telpner before (more about her here). Her philosophy has inspired so much of the way I eat and how I live.  She has this unique way of presenting nutrition and healthy living in a way that makes it really fun, approachable and not at all intimidating. There is no judgement for sure. She is happy for you to start where you’re at and just make a few small changes, one step at a time. What’s also kinda special about Meghan is that she won’t ever preach one kind of eating to you. She’s not pro-vegan, or pro-meat, or anti this or that. She just really wants people to pay attention to their food, skip the processed stuff and learn how to best discern what our own bodies need. Meghan teaches us to be our own best health experts and that kind of empowerment is priceless.

You can learn more about her take on it all by watching her creed. 

The UnDiet Cookbook starts by Meghan telling her own story- of how she healed from an inflammatory autoimmune disease that her doctors told her was incurable. And then she breaks it down- why calories down’t count, how to eat real food, why we might want to kick-it gluten-free (with evidence based research to back it all up), and then we dive into 130 simple, delicious, beautiful and health supportive recipes.

The cookbook includes:

  • Over 130 gluten-free + dairy-free recipes
  • Guidelines for stocking an UnDiet pantry
  • Delicious recipes for DIY beauty care
  • UnDiet on the road: travel tips
  • UnDiet Entertaining menus for every kind of soiree
  • UnDiet Health Tips
  • Cooking Tips
  • Healthwashing Alerts
  • 85 mouthwatering, colour exploding, gorgalicious photos

The UnDiet Cookbook is on sale today and when you buy the book, she’s also giving away presents (more on those here).  And if you’re curious about this book, you can get instant access to your Sneak Peek.

I highly recommend this beautiful, thoughtful, inspiring cookbook. It will make your life better!


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