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Women’s Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure by Sheri Winston


I first heard Sheri speak on a podcast with Daniel Vitalis (you can find it here ) and was intrigued by her experience, first as a midwife and then later in her career as a sex therapist. And with a title like “Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure”, that got me interested!

I often have clients say to me that they wished they had known how their bodies work before all of their fertility challenges started. Women’s Anatomy of Arousal is a primer for optimal natural fertility and for pleasure!

In my opinion, sex, especially orgasmic, satisfying sex is a critical component of both improving and optimizing fertility. Nothing compares to orgasm for stress reduction and creating the chemistry in our bodies conducive to fertility. When a woman is aroused, all of the support networks for fertility are turned on.

Even when couples are using the fertility clinic to help them get pregnant, sex is critical for pelvic blood flow and hormone balance and can help couples stay close and supportive of each other through a stressful time.

Women’s Anatomy of Arousal is like a roadmap for the less travelled scenic route to female arousal and pleasure and can be used for solo sex or partner sex.

Part one takes a quick view of how our sexual energy informs the rest of our life and our relationships, including the one with ourselves. This part is perspective shifting and emphasizes how our sexual being is not limited to our activity in the bedroom but the energy of it infuses our days.

Part two is a complete overview of women’s arousal anatomy, much of which was new information to me! She has uncovered a great deal of information that has been overlooked or actively repressed over the centuries. It explains what happens during arousal and why it takes time for women to get fully aroused and how to elicit pleasure at the various stages.

Part three is full of exercises for exploration and play. She gently and respectfully offers ideas for many different paths to arousal.

Having fertility challenges may be a beautiful opportunity to get to know your body better, including how it works to make a baby. Historically, sex has been a critical part of making a baby. This book can help you make the most of sex to get your pleasure centres humming to fully optimize your natural fertility.

I highly recommend this book. There is even a “Cole’s notes” chapter at the end for husbands and partners to help them improve their skills with arousal!

For more from Sheri here http://intimateartscenter.com



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