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Book Review – 28 Days Lighter Diet

28DaysLighterDietI first heard about this book on Katy Bowman’s Period podcast and wanted to check it out. (Katy has excellent taste!) I have to say up front that I think the title is terrible, but I looked past it an on to what was inside (my mama always warned me not to judge a book by it’s cover!!). And I am glad I did!

Using fun and inviting girl-friendy language, the two authors give some practical tools for real life to help align your lifestyle to the cycles of your period. If this sounds too “new-agey” to you, please hear me out!

It is a basic tenant of Chinese Medicine theory that energies are different in different parts of the cycle. But any person with a menstrual cycle knows this to be true!

Energy is often lower during menstruation (bleeding) and the tendency is often to want to curl up and rest. Which is very different from the energy around ovulation which is more outgoing and social and sex drive skyrockets. Which is different again from the energy about a week before the period where solitude and introspection is feeling more natural because everyone around you is irritating!

This book helps to flesh out the idea of what the body needs at any point in the cycle and gives guidance about how to approach living in concert with our cycles. And the beautiful outcome of this is that it’s a do-able way to stop fighting or undermining our bodies.

I think this is powerful medicine for irregular cycles, PMS and anyone who is trying to get pregnant. I loved this book and would recommend checking it out as a new perspective on tuning in to and responding to what your body really needs.

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