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How to avoid BPA when you’re TTC

386238bc-3121-11e5-8312-00163e002745Through the media, we have heard of BPA (short for Bisphenol A) and it’s dangers to babies and children. Companies make a big deal of advertising that their sippy cups and pacifiers are BPA free. But what is largely ignored is the effects of BPA on “babies-to-be”.

BPA has been proven to compromise egg quality and fertility and yet is still found in ubiquitous items in our daily life like plastic food containers and paper receipts. Open a conventional can of beans to create a healthy soup or salad and you get an unwelcome dose of unhealthy BPA with your meal!

BPA is a hormone disruptor and the hormonal system is exquisitely sensitive. So it doesn’t take much to interfere with the hormonal systems and harm developing eggs, compromise success rates of IVF and increase miscarriage risk.

If you want to dive into the research around BPA and other lifestyle habits to optimize egg quality, I highly recommend the book “It Starts with the Egg” by Rebecca Fett. But my advice is simple, take my word for it that it is very important to address your BPA exposure and start to find alternatives to every kind of plastic wherever possible.

For some really helpful tips on what to do when you’re not doing plastic, read Meghan Telpner’s article “5 Ways to store food without using plastic“.

Read it, do it, done!!

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