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Book Review: the first forty days

fortyI think every pregnant woman should read this book!

It gently but persuasively makes the case to modern women for planning and preparing for an extended recovery period after their baby is born.

It is a Chinese cultural tradition to have a forty day period of rest and recovery after a baby is born for the benefit of the mother’s health and the baby’s. But our modern Western culture begs us to “get back to normal” as soon as possible and our mothers are suffering with exhaustion, depression and feelings of overwhelm and isolation.

We have a choice to do things differently and this book points the way. It is like a wise older sister offering her experiences and wisdom about how to prepare for the postpartum time so that you are ready to give yourself time to recover.

It is an absolute sensual pleasure to read with gorgeous photos and wonderful, simple, nourishing recipes.

I highly recommend this book. It would make a great baby shower or Mother Blessing gift!


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