Tanya Smith Acupuncturist Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Acupuncture FAQs

How does it work?

Acupuncture is literally the puncture of the skin at different “active” points on the body.

I see two types of points as I treat. There are local points that effect a change in the area around the needle, bringing more blood flow and circulating waste products in the area. Then there are distal points that are on the extremities and they seem to work via the nervous system to induce a hormonal response. These are the ones most often used for conditions of the internal organs.

Both types of points are generally used in a treatment.

Does it hurt?

Acupuncture should not hurt. There is certainly some sensation as the needles are applied, but it should not be painful. The initial sensation of the needling subsides within a few seconds to a few minutes and is often replaced by a sensation of pressure, pulsation, tingling or no sensation at all.

I regularly have clients falling asleep on my treatment table which I take as a sign that it’s not terribly uncomfortable!

How many session will I need?

That really depends on the condition you are working with and how long you have had it. By the end of your initial session, you should have a pretty good idea of what the treatment plan looks like.

Is it covered by a medical plan?

In Ontario, acupuncture is regulated and is covered by most extended medical plans. Contact your provider to find out more about your coverage. We will supply you with a receipt that you will submit to them directly for reimbursement.

Acupuncture is not covered by OHIP.

Still have questions?

Contact me and ask them! I am always happy to hear from you!