Tanya Smith Acupuncturist Chinese Medicine Practitioner

LGBTQ+ Fertility

Getting pregnant in a LGBTQ+ context has unique circumstances and challenges. Each situation is different and may require different types of support.

However, it is nearly always true that each “try” is precious, either because it involves other people or a significant financial cost.

After the birth of our son, I started trying to get pregnant with our second child. I thought it would be easy. It wasn’t.

I tried IUI unsuccessfully for a year and a half with the costs increasing and the sperm supply dwindling with each try. Finally, my partner tried again and got pregnant, closing the window of opportunity for me to conceive.

I am blessed to parent two beautiful children, but was never able to fulfill my desire to feel that heaviness in my belly or know what it feels like to be kicked from the inside.

I tell this story, my story, to let you know that I know what’s at stake. I how much courage it takes to decide to start a family, how painful it is when it is difficult and how exposing and vulnerable it is to parent in this context.

I also know how precious it is to find understanding and compassionate care along the way. This is where I can help you.

I have worked with single folks who are ready to start their family, lesbian couples using known sperm donors or anonymous sperm donors, lesbian couples using IVF, trans-men coming off of testosterone, folks using donor eggs or donor sperm or both, gay couples using a surrogate.

Acupuncture can be most useful in balancing hormones, regulating menstrual cycles and optimizing sperm production. The supportive care of acupuncture can be a valuable emotional pillar as you traverse the ups and downs of getting pregnant.