Tanya Smith Acupuncturist Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Fertility Treatments

Acupuncture Can Assist with Infertility

Whether you are working with a fertility clinic, or planning to take a more DIY approach, incorporating acupuncture into your plan will help you get pregnant and start your family.

Maybe you have been trying for a long time and are feeling defeated every cycle when your period starts again. Perhaps you feel like you have tried everything, nothing seems to be working and you don’t know where to turn next. You see pregnant bellies wherever you go and you wonder if it will ever happen for you.

For many, the drive to become a parent is powerful, compulsory and primal. It is a calling. Sometimes though, without our realizing, our bodies are not supporting our answering the call. Lifestyle and environmental factors can reduce our reproductive health and fertility. Discovering and treating the underlying causes of fertility challenges will give you the opportunity to make the changes necessary to make starting your family possible.

Using acupuncture as part of your fertility plan could be a good fit for you…

…if you’re a person who:

  • has been trying to get pregnant for a while with no success
  • has been diagnosed with medical conditions linked with infertility such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), poor ovarian reserve, endometriosis, fibroids, low sperm count, low sperm motility or poor sperm morphology
  • is experiencing low libido, impotence or erectile dysfunction
  • has experienced recurrent miscarriage
  • is undergoing IVF or other medical fertility support and wants to ensure you’re doing everything possible to improve your chances of pregnancy
  • is over 30 and wants to optimize your preconception health through to a healthy birth

What you can expect

There is a 3 month growth and maturation cycle for eggs and sperm, so adding therapies like acupuncture, herbal medicine and dietary changes will have their most significant effect on the eggs and sperm that are maturing 3 months from now. Fertility treatment often involves regular acupuncture treatments, some dietary improvements and herbal medicine.

Spending at least 3 months preparing for pregnancy means giving your body the best opportunity to produce the healthiest eggs, sperm and uterine environment possible. Whether you are planning to conceive on your own or are working with a fertility clinic, you can rest assured that the time spent on improving your health will give you the best possible opportunity to start your family.

When we begin working together, I will investigate every aspect of your health history and habits to determine which organ systems are out of balance, and then make the appropriate prescriptions to restore equilibrium to your body. When balance is restored, the hormones needed for conception and pregnancy work together harmoniously.

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