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Nutrition for the Next Generation

Food is our direct connection with the earth.

What we eat becomes our cells, becomes our body. And our baby’s body.

If cells are not getting everything they need, they cannot grow and do their jobs properly.

There are some simple things we can do everyday to make sure our cells, our bodies are getting everything they need. All you need to do is follow my nutrition creed!

go wildget nutrient dense - eat

PrintI am a culinary nutrition expert. A culinary nutrition expert is someone who can take a health condition, synthesize the foods that would be most beneficial for that condition and come up with a strategy and meal plan to make the idea into “food on the plate”.

Becoming a culinary nutrition expert has taught me how to help my clients figure out “what to eat” while they are trying to get pregnant or during their pregnancy. It means the difference between me saying,”eat more healthy fats” and being able to say, ” here are the healthy fats I want you to eat at least four times this week and here are three recipes to help you make that happen.”

And the difference for my clients has been invaluable. I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my treatment success rate and clients’ relief of symptoms.

Recipes Page

As I experiment and play more in the kitchen, I will share the recipes for my successes with you here!

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