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Still Eating for Two – Cooking Class


Photo thanks to Cathy Ferri 

What you eat after the baby arrives is as important as what you eat while you are pregnant. The physical demands of recovering from pregnancy and labour combined with milk production requires marathon-style nutrition!!

But balancing the needs of a new baby and a healthy diet can be tricky!

This course is designed to help you and your support people know the best foods to fuel your recovery and support breastfeeding and how to prepare them, even for non-cooks! We’ll talk about strategies for eating without dripping on the baby, how to cook with one hand and how to whip up something healthy and satisfying while the baby naps!

This course is appropriate for everyone, from vegan to paleo and any dietary needs in-between. Whether you’re a complete novice in the kitchen or love to cook and are wondering what to eat once the baby comes, this course is perfect for you!

You will learn:

1. Which foods support breastfeeding and how to make them delicious.

2. Make ahead whole foods to help restore and boost your energy.

3. Basic recipes for soups, stews and smoothies so even a non-cook can prepare healthy meals.

Plus you’ll take home: an info-packed printed handout you can keep in your kitchen for easy reference, some hot-out-of-the-oven lactation cookies and a jar of the soup or stew of your choice! (and maybe we’ll throw in a few surprise goodies!)

The cooks for this workshop are Tanya Smith and Heather Rule. They met as practitioners in the acupuncture clinic and immediately bonded over their love of food!

Tanya has been practicing Chinese Medicine for 12 years with a special focus in fertility, pregnancy and postpartum. She is also a Culinary Nutrition Expert and has a gift for making healthy food easy and delicious!


Open to: Expectant parents and their support people

When: Saturday, June 18, 2016

Where: Artscape Youngplace – Sketch Studio, 180 Shaw Street, Suite 102

Time: 1:00-4:00 pm

Cost: $90 per pair, $50 per single

In order for you to have the most valuable time in the kitchen, we have limited registration to 14. Be sure to get your seat reserved!

If you have any questions, please e-mail hello@tanyasmith.com

To register for the cooking class, please click through the Pay Pal link below. Your spot in the course will be reserved once payment is received.

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