Tanya Smith Acupuncturist Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Thyroid and Fertility

A large percentage of the fertility clients I see have been prescribed thyroid medication as part of their preconception care. Fertility doctors know that the thyroid is a critical hormone for conception and pregnancy and that the "fertile" range is much narrower than the "normal" range.

Low thyroid can cause problem with the reproductive cycle like...

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Healthy Habits: Handwashing

When I arrive home, the first thing I do is wash my hands. Before hugging my kids, before touching anything, I wash my hands.

Part of this is ritual, a way of washing off whatever "stuck to me" while I was out in the world so I am ready to be with my family. And part of it is intensely...

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Immune Power!

Over the holidays, my entire family caught a cold. Except me!

I have chaga and astragalus to thank for my immune strength. I drink it daily from October to March!

Chaga is a medicinal mushroom that grows on birch trees, so it can be locally sourced in Ontario. Chaga is high in antioxidants and has antimicrobial properties....

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Postpartum preparation

I love working with pregnant folks, it is often such an exciting time in their lives! One thing I notice is that they are so amazed by the process happening in their bodies that it's easy to forget to plan ahead for when they have to take care of the baby...

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Nettle is the green juice of the wintertime

Where I live, in Toronto, it's cold in the wintertime. While we CAN get fresh greens in the wintertime, they are often coming from a long way away. To then take those greens and squeeze the juice out of them and throw away the pulp seems like an incredibly unsustainable enterprise. It may be "healthy" for...

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