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Is your uterus getting enough blood flow?

One of the things fertility acupuncturists often brag about is how effective acupuncture is for improving uterine blood flow. We even have some great research to support our claims.

I often explain that blood flow is important because every organ works better with better blood flow. But I wanted to take some time to dig a little deeper today.

When blood arrives at the uterus, it is carrying with it everything that the uterine cells will need to do their job to make an ideal environment for a baby to grow. If there is not enough blood flow, or if...

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My top 5 ways to prepare for a Successful IVF

To support you on your fertility journey, I have gathered my Top 5 resources to improve your chances of IVF success. When you are preparing for an IVF cycle, it can sometimes feel like your body is a bit out of your control. You want your time, energy and investment to result in a healthy pregnancy, but it seems like most of the decisions are in the doctor’s hands. However, there are still things you can do to improve the odds.

This is the time to invest in your well-being and...

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Stress and Fertility: Does it matter?

In response to a study that made headlines recently concluding that stress does not seem to affect IVF outcomes, many of my clients have been asking me questions about the efficacy of things like acupuncture, meditation and yoga (all things I recommend to many of my clients!).

This is good news!

In this study, the researchers looked at how stress, anxiety and depression affects IVF cycles, and I am actually glad that they found that it doesn’t have a negative impact. It takes the pressure off of women and couples to try to stay calm and positive during their IVF cycle...

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The Magic of Change

It is early morning, so early that my family is still asleep and the house is quiet. The snow is gently falling outside and I am sitting quietly with a cup of tea, thinking about making babies.

One of the constants in my fertility practice is asking people to make change. And often I am asking them to change something that gives them comfort or pleasure! I will ask them to stop eating the things that they crave, or to spend less time relaxing in front of the TV. I may even suggest doing more exercise and almost always give...

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IVF Success with Acupuncture

If your fertility journey has brought you to IVF treatment, you likely have a very real experience of just how difficult it can be to get pregnant. As you prepare for your IVF treatment, there are a few things I would recommend to improve your chances of success. I have worked with many clients in preparing for IVF and have noticed that those who make the time to do these things tend to be the most successful. By taking care of themselves, they create the space to receive new life.

For women, preparing for IVF can be a time of...

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