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More Qi means Better Fertility

My top 3 D-I-Y strategies for boosting your fertility

Boosting your Qi or life force energy is often one of the aims of acupuncture and herbal treatment. However, there are things you can do on your own everyday to build your Qi!

The food you eat and the water you drink are broken down by your digestive system. The nutritious parts of your food come together with the air you breathe and Qi or energy is made.


You are where you are


You are constantly bringing your immediate environment into your body this...

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What I Ate on the Metagenics Detox

(seriously... 3 days of only cruciferous veg??!)

After a month or so of complete indulgence over the holidays, I was feeling sluggish and depressed, I had a constant cough, and was at the mercy of my sugar addiction.
I had trouble getting up in the morning, my digestion was really uncomfortable and my energy was running out by about 10 in the morning.

So January rolled around (thank goodness!) and I used the new year as the motivation to make some changes to both look and feel better. First on...

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Amy Sedgwick Podcast

Amy Sedgwick

Amy is a person that inspires the best in the people around her. She is a self-described uterus-lover and speaks passionately about taking care of one’s menstrual and reproductive health, whether it’s in a casual conversation or at one of her amazing workshops.

Amy’s work involves a one-of-a kind blend of coaching as a holistic reproductive health practitioner, hands on treatments with Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage and her special activism on behalf of your uterus.

She and her sister Kim founded Red Tent Sisters as a platform for their message. They were inspired by Amy Diamant’s book...

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