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What your period tells you about your fertility

Unless your period is very uncomfortable or very unpredictable, you have likely not paid it too much mind beyond "taking care of business" each month.

Little did you know, your body is giving you a monthly status report! There is so much you can learn from your period if you know how to interpret it. Your period can be an essential gauge of your reproductive health!


What is normal anyway?

A healthy period is regular, coming every 26-34 days, arrives with full flow of red blood and lasts for 2-3...

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Your Period is Not Supposed to be a Pain!

“If there is pain, there is no free flow, if there is free flow, there is no pain” - Chinese Proverb


When I first heard this proverb, I was convinced it was written about periods! 80% of women experience symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS). For many, PMS can mean irritability, sadness, acne, bloating, cramps, breast tenderness or other discomfort before or during menstruation; for some, it can also mean debilitating pain. Whatever the severity, PMS isn’t a natural part of being a woman and deserves attention.


Menstruation is good for you


The conventional...

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Book Review – 28 Days Lighter Diet

I first heard about this book on Katy Bowman’s Period podcast and wanted to check it out. (Katy has excellent taste!) I have to say up front that I think the title is terrible, but I looked past it an on to what was inside (my mama always warned me not to judge a book by it’s cover!!). And I am glad I did!

Using fun and inviting girl-friendy language, the two authors give some practical tools for real life to help align your lifestyle to the cycles of your...

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Is your uterus getting enough blood flow?

One of the things fertility acupuncturists often brag about is how effective acupuncture is for improving uterine blood flow. We even have some great research to support our claims.

I often explain that blood flow is important because every organ works better with better blood flow. But I wanted to take some time to dig a little deeper today.

When blood arrives at the uterus, it is carrying with it everything that the uterine cells will need to do their job to make an ideal environment for a baby to grow. If there is not enough blood flow, or if...

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