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Do you really need to read pregnancy books?

Many of my clients balk at the idea of pregnancy books, saying that reading about it is not going to change anything anyway. They'll have a baby if they read them or if the don't!

Or they're worried that the books are going to stress them out and they're already stressed out with all of the stuff to buy and the foods to not eat and the constant barrage of advice and advertising aimed at pregnant women.

Which is why I wrote this post. I want to simplify the choices (only the...

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Kim Sedgwick on Sex while TTC


Kim Sedgwick of Red Tent Sisters joins me to talk about how to keep things sexy while you are trying to conceive.

Many of my clients find this one of the biggest challenges when they are trying to conceive, saying "all of the fun has gone out of it, it feels like a chore" or "it just feels so weird to have sex on a schedule". Kim offers some practical tips and great ideas to keep that connection with your partner and enjoy sex so much you want to do it again and...

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Acupuncture to Improve the Uterine Lining

This quick, 30 minute chat is all about the uterus and the uterine lining.

Reducing stress, improving blood flow and juicy, satisfying sex, it's all in here! Watch the video and empower yourself with the information that could make the difference as you prepare for an IVF cycle.


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Ever wondered what a fertility doctor thinks of acupuncture?

Leading up to National Infertility Awareness Week in May 15-21 2011, two accomplished doctors of Eastern and Western medicine collaborated in a one-of-a-kind Toronto workshop, designed to inform couples struggling with infertility - and the health professionals who care for them – about powerful new practices supporting the integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and assisted reproductive technology (ART).

It’s believed that as many as one in six Canadian couples is affected by infertility. Tanya Smith, R.TCMP, eastern Canada's only Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (FABORM) and Dr. Paul Magarelli, acclaimed author, researcher, fertility doctor...

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5 tips for making fertility charting easier

It is so helpful for me when a client comes in with a completed basal body temperature (BBT) or cycle chart. Seen through my Chinese Medicine eyes, the chart can reveal so much about fertility and reproductive health. I can see if the month has been a particularly stressful month, what is likely happening with progesterone levels during the days of the luteal phase and if intercourse happened on the most fertile days.

I strongly encourage my clients to chart, even just for 3 months, so we can get an...

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