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My Winter Salad Blueprint

Eating seasonally means making the best meals I can from the food that is available where I live (in Toronto). There are not many leafy greens growing around here this time of year!! I grow some sprouts on my kitchen counter (more on that another time), but that's the only homegrown greens I can do when the garden is covered in ice and snow!

I refuse to buy imported leafy greens that come in plastic tubs. First off, the greens lose most of their nutrition on their way to me from...

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Roasted Beets and Roots Quinoa Bowl

As the autumn gets cooler, I like my salads to get warmer!!

This recipe is delicious for lunch or dinner and is the perfect way to use up the ends of the veggies from the farmer's market or your CSA box!

I found this was delicious with no sauce, but you could put tamari or your favorite salad dressing on it. It is great warm or served cold the next day for lunch!


2 medium beets, washed and skin on
1 cup uncooked...

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Autumn kale salad with roasted beets

The bounty of my garden "overfloweth" my kitchen and I am swamped with kale and beets for the last two weeks (lucky me!). I grow dragon (lacinato) kale because I love it best, but it doesn't make great kale chips like it's curly cousin. What's a girl to do with all of this kale??!

Make salad!

(Sorry, no photos, we gobbled this one down!)

I threw the beets in the oven, washed and whole, for about an hour and got to work cleaning the kale.

The results were amazing and drew rave reviews from friends and family alike (the 3 year olds at...

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