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5 tips for making fertility charting easier

It is so helpful for me when a client comes in with a completed basal body temperature (BBT) or cycle chart. Seen through my Chinese Medicine eyes, the chart can reveal so much about fertility and reproductive health. I can see if the month has been a particularly stressful month, what is likely happening with progesterone levels during the days of the luteal phase and if intercourse happened on the most fertile days.

I strongly encourage my clients to chart, even just for 3 months, so we can get an...

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The How’s and Why’s of the Basal Body Temperature Chart

Have your thermometer close to your bedside

For most women, there are only about 30 days in a year where there is a reasonable chance of conceiving. For a successful pregnancy to occur, a whole chain of events need to come together precisely in your body, in your partnerʼs body and in your relationship on one of those days. Being able to accurately identify these relatively rare opportunities raises the odds of success considerably. Watching external clues of the body...

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