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Postpartum preparation

I love working with pregnant folks, it is often such an exciting time in their lives! One thing I notice is that they are so amazed by the process happening in their bodies that it's easy to forget to plan ahead for when they have to take care of the baby on the outside!

I make it a priority to encourage expectant parents to prepare for their postpartum time. Things like enough food prepared ahead and support systems like family coming to help and someone to clean...

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Do you really need to read pregnancy books?

Many of my clients balk at the idea of pregnancy books, saying that reading about it is not going to change anything anyway. They'll have a baby if they read them or if the don't!

Or they're worried that the books are going to stress them out and they're already stressed out with all of the stuff to buy and the foods to not eat and the constant barrage of advice and advertising aimed at pregnant women.

Which is why I wrote this post. I want to simplify the choices (only the...

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