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Endometrial scratch and acupuncture

A client called the other day to tell me that she is going in for an endometrial scratch procedure this cycle to prepare for a frozen embryo transfer next month. She said her fertility doctor described it as "cultivating the soil".

One of the ways I describe my work is that we cultivate the soil before planting the seed, so I wanted to dig a little deeper into endometrial scratching and how it helps support implantation.

Endometrial scratches are done in cases where repeated embryos have been transferred and not resulted in pregnancy....

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Acupuncture to Improve the Uterine Lining

This quick, 30 minute chat is all about the uterus and the uterine lining.

Reducing stress, improving blood flow and juicy, satisfying sex, it's all in here! Watch the video and empower yourself with the information that could make the difference as you prepare for an IVF cycle.


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