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Healthy Habits: Handwashing

When I arrive home, the first thing I do is wash my hands. Before hugging my kids, before touching anything, I wash my hands.

Part of this is ritual, a way of washing off whatever “stuck to me” while I was out in the world so I am ready to be with my family. And part of it is intensely practical, as a way of keeping me and my family healthy.

I am not germ-phobic, more germ-aware! I understand that my immune system is there to keep me healthy and will deal with pretty much whatever it is exposed to. However, I also feel like it’s my responsibility to take care of my health and reduce my exposures whenever I can.

Ignaz Semmelweis was the midwife and physician who made the connection that handwashing reduces the spread of what he called “germs”. Through implmenting handwashing routines in his own hospital, the incidence of childbed fever was practically eliminated. Read more of the fascinating story here.

 Healthy Habit Tips:

  • Wash your hands when you come home, after using the washroom, frequently while you are cooking and before you have sex.
  • Wash the back of your hands too!
  • And around your nails!
  • Antibacterial soap is NOT necessary.

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