Tanya Smith Acupuncturist Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Tanya Smith, R. TCMP (Inactive)

Cultivate the soil before planting the seed.

I offer Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Culinary Nutrition advice for people who are ready to start their family. We work together to “prepare the soil” with nutrient dense food and tonic herbalism, “nourish the soil” using acupuncture to improve blood flow to the uterus, bringing helpful nutrients and medicines right where they are needed and “optimize the seed” by enhancing sperm count and quality and improving egg quality.

I believe that improving your overall health improves your reproductive health.

The food you eat becomes you, your cells, your body (and reproductive organs) and your baby. So let’s make it the best available!
We don’t have to know what to do, our bodies know what needs to be done to heal, we just need to offer the right environment for healing with healthful nutrition for both our bodies and minds.

How it all began…

I first knew I wanted to help create families when I stood with tears running down my face, having just witnessed the birth of my friend’s baby and the start of their life as a family. I knew I wanted to help as many families as I could experience this moment.

I turned the focus of my acupuncture practice to learning everything available about reproduction, fertility and pregnancy and the role acupuncture can play to help when problems arise.

My wall was full of cute baby photos from the families I had helped when I started my own process of trying to get pregnant.

It should have been easy. It wasn’t.

I tried unsuccessfully for a year and a half to get pregnant before that door was closed with a final thud. So I know what it’s like: the early mornings at the fertility clinic, the impossible two week wait and the hopes dashed with a negative pregnancy test. And the endless wondering what I was doing wrong.

Fortunately I am blessed to parent two beautiful children, but was never able to fulfill my desire to feel that heaviness in my belly or know what it feels like to be kicked from the inside.
My experience has deepened my resolve to dig deeper and know more to help as many people with fertility struggles as I can.

My credibility

Acupuncture has been the only thing I have ever wanted to do. I studied Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for 4 years in Victoria BC and achieved the Dr.TCM designation there, the highest designation available in Canada.

As my focus shifted to be more fertility focused, I chose to challenge the American Board of Acupuncture and Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) exam which tests a practitioner’s knowledge of both the Chinese Reproductive medicine as well as treatments and strategies offered from Western Reproductive medicine and how to bridge those viewpoints. I was successful and am currently the only Fellow of the ABORM in Eastern Canada!

I also sit on the board of the Obstetrical Acupuncture Association (OBAA) and work closely with the midwifery and doula communities in Toronto and across Ontario.

One element I have recently added to my practice is Culinary Nutrition. It has closed an important gap that I was experiencing in my practice and my ability to help people shift their lifestyle to be more in line with their goals and what their bodies need.

Enough about me, this is about you and your family.

I’d love to hear from you how I can help you with your fertility or through your pregnancy. If you’re ready, drop me a note and we’ll set up a time to meet; or spend some time looking over my services and blog first.