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Thyroid and Fertility

A large percentage of the fertility clients I see have been prescribed thyroid medication as part of their preconception care. Fertility doctors know that the thyroid is a critical hormone for conception and pregnancy and that the "fertile" range is much narrower than the "normal" range.

Low thyroid can cause problem with the reproductive cycle like not ovulating, irregular or heavy menstrual periods and increased incidence of miscarriage. The thyroid drives the function of all of the systems of the body, so low thyroid S-L-O-W-S everything down. Every cell in the...

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An answer to “What can I do??”

There is not a lot of peace in my heart these days. I am feeling the turmoil of the world around me, the swirling bath of anxiety, anger, frustration, hatred, misunderstanding, grief and despair.

For days, I have been sitting with the question, "What do I do?"

And then, in an email, the answer came. An advanced course on treating insomnia, anxiety and depression with acupuncture. Yes!! A way I can help.

I took that course today and as I listened, I couldn't stop imagining all of the different people that would benefit from...

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More Qi means Better Fertility

My top 3 D-I-Y strategies for boosting your fertility

Boosting your Qi or life force energy is often one of the aims of acupuncture and herbal treatment. However, there are things you can do on your own everyday to build your Qi!

The food you eat and the water you drink are broken down by your digestive system. The nutritious parts of your food come together with the air you breathe and Qi or energy is made.


You are where you are


You are constantly bringing your immediate environment into your body this...

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My 5 favorite fertility breakfast ideas

This week, a New York Times article was published called “How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat”. In it, the author outlines how lobbying and outright bribery shaped the dietary guidelines in the 60s away from fat. We are just starting the process of waking up from that!


With the clients I work with, I am often working to help regulate their menstrual cycles and balance their hormones. In order to make significant change in hormonal health, the sugar has to go! Sugar derails insulin balance, which affects all of the other hormones in the body, including...

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How to prepare for a successful funded IVF cycle.

More people in Ontario are gaining access to fertility treatment and IVF since the Ontario government began funding IVF cycles this year. The way it is currently set up, people have one funded cycle available to them in a lottery system.

I think this is great!

I want everyone who goes through the IVF process to have the best chance of success. And success with IVF means a little preparation! (Check out this incredible study my colleague did!)

IVF is a very useful technology, allowing people who would...

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