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An answer to “What can I do??”

There is not a lot of peace in my heart these days. I am feeling the turmoil of the world around me, the swirling bath of anxiety, anger, frustration, hatred, misunderstanding, grief and despair.

For days, I have been sitting with the question, "What do I do?"

And then, in an email, the answer came. An advanced course on treating insomnia, anxiety and depression with acupuncture. Yes!! A way I can help.

I took that course today and as I listened, I couldn't stop imagining all of the different people that would benefit from...

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More Qi means Better Fertility

My top 3 D-I-Y strategies for boosting your fertility

Boosting your Qi or life force energy is often one of the aims of acupuncture and herbal treatment. However, there are things you can do on your own everyday to build your Qi!

The food you eat and the water you drink are broken down by your digestive system. The nutritious parts of your food come together with the air you breathe and Qi or energy is made.


You are where you are


You are constantly bringing your immediate environment into your body this...

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Do you really need to read pregnancy books?

Many of my clients balk at the idea of pregnancy books, saying that reading about it is not going to change anything anyway. They'll have a baby if they read them or if the don't!

Or they're worried that the books are going to stress them out and they're already stressed out with all of the stuff to buy and the foods to not eat and the constant barrage of advice and advertising aimed at pregnant women.

Which is why I wrote this post. I want to simplify the choices (only the...

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Book Review: the first forty days

I think every pregnant woman should read this book!

It gently but persuasively makes the case to modern women for planning and preparing for an extended recovery period after their baby is born.

It is a Chinese cultural tradition to have a forty day period of rest and recovery after a baby is born for the benefit of the mother's health and the baby's. But our modern Western culture begs us to "get back to normal" as soon as possible and our mothers are suffering with exhaustion, depression and feelings of overwhelm...

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Should you encapsulate your placenta?

An increasing number of women, mainly in Canada and the USA, are planning to eat their placenta after their baby is born. Services are popping up everywhere offering placenta preparations of many sorts, including encapsulation.

As an enthusiastic and gullible young practitioner, I was told that using human placenta this way was "traditional" in Chinese Medicine. Human placenta is even included in our Materia Medica as a medicinal.

More recently there has been discussion among my colleagues, who work mainly in fertility and pregnancy, about placenta encapsulation. The scholars of Chinese classical...

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