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Natural Ways to Combat Sugar Cravings

Guest post with Allison Martineau of Sweetpea Nutrition!

I am so pleased to be able to share the advice of my friend Allison.

Allison has been working as a nutritionist with new families for over 10 years and is a mom of two. This lady has so many nutritional tricks up her sleeves!

This post is all about what to do about sugar! Here's...

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Ugh, Morning Sickness…

Why medication may not be the best choice and what to do instead


It's awful to see people in early pregnancy struggling with nausea and vomiting. Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (NVP), often termed pregnancy sickness, occurs in the first trimester in up to 80% of pregnancies (Gadsby et al., 1993). Symptoms range from mild nausea (often accompanied by aversions to...

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Deconstructed Nicoise Salad

This salad is so satisfying! I could eat it everyday!

It's quick and easy to throw together, whether you are making a few ahead for lunches for the week or you need a quick dinner idea.


The ingredients for this salad are purposely vague, you can change the ratios to suit your...

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Endometrial scratch and acupuncture

A client called the other day to tell me that she is going in for an endometrial scratch procedure this cycle to prepare for a frozen embryo transfer next month. She said her fertility doctor described it as "cultivating the soil".

One of the ways I describe my work is that we cultivate the soil before planting...

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